1. About NKU
                                  2. Color

                                    Nankai Purple (The Purple of the Blue Lotus)

                                    The color of Nankai is purple, or the purple of the blue lotus.

                                    In China, the lotus is considered the symbol of nobility. Grown in muddy swamps and rising above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty, the exquisite flower, untouched by any impurities, symbolizes purity of heart and mind and represents longevity, humility, honor and tranquility. This is also the pursuit of Nankai.

                                    Mati Lake 

                                    The color is used in the school logo, flag and other Nankai items, such as on the website and publicity materials.

                                    In practice, the color is divided into ten levels according to its brightness. Each level is able to be used as the standard school color or as different backgrounds.

                                    Quick Facts

                                  3. 1919
                                  4. 3
                                  5. 26
                                  6. 28557
                                    Full-time Students

                                    Undergraduates: 16372

                                    Master’s Students: 8322

                                    Doctoral Students: 3863

                                    ( including 3162 International Students )

                                  7. 2162
                                    Full-time Teachers

                                    Professors: 864

                                    Associate Professors: 840

                                    Doctoral Supervisors: 822

                                    Master’s Supervisors: 770

                                  8. 92
                                    Undergraduate Specialties
                                  9. 42
                                    Master’s Degree and Doctoral Authorization Programs of First-level Disciplines

                                    Master’s Degree Authorization Programs of First-level Disciplines:11

                                    Doctoral Authorization Programs of First-level Disciplines:31

                                  10. 28
                                    Postdoctoral Research Stations
                                  11. 1
                                    2020 Citation Per Paper in ESI (Chinese Mainland)
                                  12. 15
                                    2019 QS Chinese University Rankings
                                  13. 45
                                    2019 THE Asia Universities Rankings
                                  14. * By the end of 2019


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