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                                  2. Nankai’s International Students Discussed President Xi Jinping’s Reply Letter to All Pakistani Students of the University of Science and Technology Beijing


                                    In the past few days, Chinese President Xi Jinping has replied with a letter to all Pakistani students of the University of Science and Technology Beijing and has extended his welcome to excellent students from all countries to come further their study in China. He encouraged them to communicate more with Chinese young people and together promote the people-to-people bond and the building of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind with young people all over the world.

                                    Nankai’s Pakistani students actively shared their comments after reading President Xi’s letter.

                                    Ismail (2016 Ph.D. student of the College of Chemistry):

                                    My thanks to President Xi for his concern about Pakistani students. His reply really touches us all.

                                    I also appreciate China for providing advanced learning platforms and abundant study resources for us. Many thanks to the Chinese government and Nankai University for their care for international students during the pandemic.

                                    China has always been the best friend of Pakistan. The best gift we can give in return for the friendship between China and Pakistan is to study hard and make friends with Chinese young people in China, and further promote China-Pakistan friendship.

                                    I hope that in the future, more and more young students in our country will come to study or live in China, and more and more Pakistani students will join us and play a role in maintaining the friendship between China and Pakistan!

                                    Adnan Khan (2017 Ph.D. student of the School of Physics):

                                    China-Pakistan friendship is higher than the mountains, deeper than the ocean and sweeter than honey. In recent months, I have witnessed the united spirit of the great Chinese government and Chinese people in China. Confronting difficulties and risks, they never lost their hope. We, students from Pakistan and other countries or regions in the world, fully appreciate all of Nankai University’s staff for their diligent work and in-time support.


                                    Abbas Qamar (2017 Ph.D. student of  the College of Economics):

                                    During his visit to Pakistan, President Xi Jinping said, “this is my first visit to Pakistan, but I feel like I am visiting my brother’s home.” Over the years, with the joint cultivation of leaders and people from all walks of life of the two countries, China-Pakistan friendship has grown like a fruitful tree.

                                    We are very grateful to the Chinese government for providing us with the opportunity to learn and exchange culture. We have learned a lot about Chinese culture and economy. China’s progress in the past few decades is very commendable. We are very grateful to the Chinese government and Nankai University for all their help during this pandemic.

                                    We, students in Pakistan, are missing China and looking forward to returning to the campus. We hope that everything will return to normal soon. We will meet again and make progress together.

                                    Thank you China! Thank you Nankai!

                                    Sayyed Yasra (2019 masters student of  the School of Pharmocology):

                                    We are very affected by the letter given in reply by President Xi to Pakistani students and very grateful for his concern about us. Many thanks for China’s best facilities extended to  everyone, including international students. It’s quite safe to study or work in China. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the management departments of Nankai University have also taken the best measures possible. All international students are very satisfied with the work of the Office for International Students of Nankai University. We would like to express our gratitude to the teachers who have been constantly providing help for us.

                                    For those who want to enrich their experience, China is an ideal destination. There are all kinds of amazing scenery and abundant culture here. A complete stranger will help you solve a problem and give you assistance. Over the years, Pakistan has established strong ties with China, because the Chinese people are friendly, hardworking, kind and have strong willpower, and they also taught me how to face difficulties.

                                    We pray for China and Chinese people’s safety and health. We will stay in China and with China to fight against the pandemic. We will not run away from China on any excuse and we will repay China’s goodwill. God bless China!

                                    Ayaz Muhammad (2019 Ph.D. student of College of Economics):

                                    I really appreciate the words of President Xi Jinping for all the international students and specially for Pakistani students. From the depth of my heart I thank to Chinese government and Nankai University to give us a chance to study in China. I am very thankful to all my teachers and an exceptional thanks to the teachers of ISO, as they help and look after us during Covid-19 outbreak. My salute to all the doctors and pera-medical staffs who fight on the front line to save humanity.

                                    Being a Pakistani, I have a great respect for China. In Pakistan, from every single child to every old man knows Pakistan and China are best friends, and this friendship is stamped on our hearts. We all know that Pakistan and China are the best friends, their friendship is deeper than oceans and higher than mountains, and the friendship is time tested and proven in all the good and hard times.

                                    Again a very special thanks to President Xi, Chinese government and Nankai University.

                                    Long live China

                                    Long live Pakistan

                                    Khatoon Zobia (College of Environmental Science and Engineering):

                                    How can we express our feelings for China as I read the text.

                                    I want to say thanks to Chinese govermnent for this whole care and love during this pandemic.

                                    Qamri Ghulam Muhammad (2016 Ph.D. student of College of Economics):

                                    I have gained so much from my time in China. From academic research to life skills, I have been taught and encouraged in countless ways. I feel that China is my second home: I found an ideal learning environment at the university and a social environment of great hospitality and acceptance. Teachers worked hard to skillfully meet our needs, and the Chinese community welcomed us in a very special way. We feel honored to receive such a warm reception from Chinese people. I am really thankful to China, especially to the great Chinese leader, President Xi Jinping. He has provided world class opportunities to Pakistani students and their families in China for research, education, and living. I am also thankful to Chinese society for its amazing response and care for Pakistanis in every aspect of life. Thank you President Xi! Thank you China!

                                    Ud Din Nizam (2015 Ph.D. student of Business School):

                                    It is my pleasure to write this letter to express my opinion about life in China, specifically during the pandemic. We are human; we need each other, and this pandemic hits everyone equally around the globe. However, during the pandemic, the way Chinese Government protect all us here is appreciable, and I am glad I am in China.

                                    I am living in Tianjin with my family. I invited my mother to China a couple of weeks before the outbreak of COVID-19. During the outbreak, we stayed in China confidently because, during the last five years, I observed that the Chinese Government implemented robust policies in all sectors, including education, economy, health etc.  In that context, I was optimistic that China would overcome the virus soon.  Also, I appreciate the way international students’ office of Nankai University and Nankai Business School support us even to resolve the small matter; also to provide us food and masks. Throughout that period our school taught us safety measurements and counselling us as well. Also, I am thankful to executive deputy secretary, Tianjin Municipal committee of Education, for his visit to us the amid of outbreak that further strengthened our confidence.

                                    I am thankful to His Excellency the President Xi Jinping and his team for continuous support to Pakistan. I would say China is our second home, and we experienced great hospitality from people of China. Besides the Pak-China strategic relationship, the people to people relationship is a wonder, such as calling us Batie and being very happy to meet us even in far-flung areas. All is possible when the leadership has a broad vision, and whose mission toward humanity is full of love and happiness. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is turning initiative for Pakistan, and I consider it is a precious gift from the Chinese Government. Recently, I have researched the residents’ perception and impact of CPEC. I am happy to tell you that the people of Pakistan love this initiative and support it extensively.

                                    Long live China Pakistan friendship!

                                    BAKHAT LAL (2019 masters student of the College of Chemistry):

                                    We are very happy to see President Xi Jinping’s letter to Pakistani students.

                                    We appreciate China’s efforts in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. No country can imagine China’s outstanding performance. We have been praying for China. There seems to be a “kinship” between China and Pakistan. As an international student in China, I will work hard to learn the Chinese culture and language. We are particularly grateful to China for its help to Pakistan in the most difficult circumstances.

                                    President Xi is a great leader. He spreads love and care to the world. We give our best wishes to the Chinese people. As an international student, I think China is my second hometown and Chinese people are my family members. Many thanks to President Xi for his concern for our health and safety.

                                    Ahmad Sheraz (2018 Ph. D. student of the College of Material Science and Engineering):

                                    As a child, we knew that China-Pakistan friendship is very deep and the Chinese people are very hospitable. When I have the opportunity to come to China, see the magnificent cities of China, and meet the amiable Chinese people, I really feel the profound friendship between China and Pakistan. No matter where we go to China, Chinese friends are kind to Pakistani and call us “iron brothers”.

                                    China has made great efforts in educating Pakistani students. We have nothing to pay for the love and hard work of Chinese teachers for us.

                                    We will always thank our Chinese friends. In this most difficult time, it is China that selflessly helps the Pakistani government and provides us with a large number of necessary security guarantees. Moreover, they have always been taking care of Pakistani students in China and all international students, just as they have taken care of their own students. Thank you to President Xi Jinping for replying to Pakistani students even with his busy schedule, especially for his expression of  concern for the students in Pakistan. I hope that the flower of friendship between Pakistan and China will always bloom and we are and will always be “iron brothers” !

                                    Reported by Fang Lan, Translated by Yuchen Shi, Edited by Daniel Stefan and JianjingYun)

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